Newborn : : Theodore

Becoming a mother for the first time is emotional, rewarding, challanging and incredibly special.  I knew all of these feelings would encompass my heart as we welcomed our son into the world.  What i didn’t anticipate completely was how surprising it would be.  Your plans would never again be firmly set from the moment your baby enters the world.  You’ll loose sleep, you’ll worry, you’ll plan your heart out for every milestone, but still, your child will surprise you.

My son’s first surprise was coming two weeks before my due date.  I couldn’t believe i was in labor.  It was early, no one went into labor early with their first baby.  But i did, and he entered our world a few weeks before we thought he would.  It turned out to be the very best surprise of our life.

When i got to Josh and Natalya’s home, i enjoyed catching up and hearing about the birth of their son.  The biggest surprise of their life, for sure, was Theodore.  His due date was a full month away from when he was born, yet he knew he was ready to be in his parent’s arms.

He was one of the most content and sleepy newborn’s i’ve photographed to date.  At just eleven days old, he fit perfectly into their arms, and hearts.

One of my favorite parts of photographing lifestyle shoots, is to see the father’s immediate bond with their baby.  Sometimes it’s their first baby, sometimes the third, but each time you can see their heart completly melt for this little human they get the honor to raise.

And little Theodore here?  He’s going to have the best parents to raise him.

He is so, so loved.

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